It’s that time of year!

This time of year becomes so busy for all of us.  To help you, we’ve created a CALENDAR with as many events as we know of listed.  (If you know of one not on there, please let me know.)

And, just remember that our families will tend to remember the experiences and the people and not so much the presents.  I remember receiving a Cabbage Patch doll, but other than that, I mostly remember waking up early because my brother woke me at 4 AM and sneaking down the hallway to see what Santa had left.  🙂

Brand New Design!!!!

Have you noticed the new design of our site?  Isn’t it spectacular?  I’m loving how easy it is for me to update on my end.  I hope that you find it more useful as well.  Yes, there are a few items that we’re still working to update — they’re coming soon, but in the meantime… wahoo!!!!!  That’s all I can say.  🙂