Keep Your Kids Reading Through the Holiday Break

Want to connect with your TEEN?
Here’s an idea to make it more enjoyable and authentic.
You know, like the one you go to with your friends and drink wine (but, you’d have to eliminate the wine part). 🙂
The fun of adult bookclubs is the camaraderie, the FOOD and the wine, right? So, create that with your own family. Everyone reads (maybe the same book, maybe not– if not, then everyone just gives a synopsis of their book and then the family can ask questions). On the designated day — weekly is helpful for young kids — make a special dinner (or go out), with DESSERT and do it up fancy. Pull out those place mats and cloth napkins. A candle? Enjoy talking about your books with your kids. Here’s the motivation — if you don’t read, you can’t talk, and if you can’t talk, you don’t get DESSERT!!!!!!

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